Don’t worry about your budget; we set reasonable prices for students

Prices are a great determinant in a market and help in making the final decision of whether or not a product is to be bought. When everything satisfies a potential customer about the quality of the product, an unreasonable rate can set him off and the marketer can lose his customer. It is not only to keep our customers that we keep a rein on our costs, but the fact that our customers are college students also makes us keep our rates low. We do not want that our students have to keep checking their pockets at the earnest time of academic emergency; we want that they may easily decide on getting help whenever they feel the need. Consequently, we have set a fee of only $12.99 per page. This rate is extremely feasible as it allows students to buy papers at minimal rates. However, there are usually cases when a student must order numerous pages, especially in research papers, for this the company offers discounts and concessions. So it becomes even easier for students to make the decision of ordering papers from us. So there remains no reason for students to keep themselves from ordering papers from us.